Welcome to my blog. This is the obligatory opening post, where I lay out expectations (most of which I will fail to meet) and outline future content (that I will, in all likelihood, stray from). In any case, be sure to check back often for my grammatically incorrect, typo -ridden, and occasionally self-deprecating updates.

I’m Mike, N1TA. I was first licensed in 2000 and have been active constantly since then. My concentration has been almost entirely on high frequency contesting. It’s been an exciting time in contesting; we’ve witnessed the proliferation of skimmer, several thrilling World Radiosport Team Championships, and an increase in global participation. I’m glad I’ve been around to witness it all!

Modeling for QST, Nov. 2013

I have no electrical, mechanical, nor RF engineering experience and I’m a firm believer that tenure alone is meaningless. This blog will chronicle my adventures to that end, hopefully in common language for the common ham (or prospective ham). In the coming year, I will begin construction of my own station and I hope the lessons learned and documented herein will be beneficial to others attempting the same thing.

The best part about this hobby has been the people I’ve met along the way. There are a wide variety of personalities in the contesting realm, but the vast majority of them are helpful individuals who inexplicably do their best to create newer and tougher competition for themselves. Feel free to reach out in the comment sections or shoot me an email if I might be able to help you with your next contesting goal.

As always, don’t forget to work N1TA in the next contest — especially if you’re a multiplier!